Frequent Question & Answer

Q. Who can obtain registration with the West Bengal Medical Council?

Ans. A citizen of India possessing basic medical qualification as per schedule of National Medical Commission can obtain registration on completion of requisite formalities.

Q. What a registered doctor can perform?


  • Can hold office as physician or surgeon or any other office ( by whatever designation called ) in Government or in any institution maintained by a local or other authority.
  • Can practice medicine in any State.
  • Can be entitled to sign or authenticate a medical or fitness certificate or any other certificate required by any law to be signed or authenticated by a duly qualified medical practitioner and.
  • Can be entitled to give evidence at any inquest or in any court of law as an expert under section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 on any matter relating to medicine.
Q. Whether a person possessing basic qualification MBBS can practice in all disciplines?

Ans. An MBBS doctor is not debarred from practicing to any branch of medicine under the present Bengal Medical Act 1914 provided the candidate has sufficient exposure in the branch and / or in the particular discipline to gain proficiency and / or confidence in dealing with such cases belonging to discipline concerned. However, considering medico legal aspect, it is necessary to have a degree / diploma in the particular subject for independent practice.

Q. Who is a Specialist doctor?

Ans. A doctor who possess postgraduate diploma or degree in a particular discipline / branch can be treated as ‘Specialist’ in that discipline / branch.